Locals from a small Dorset village are bitterly divided over plans to build a new community shop.

A steering group led by Dorset County Councillor Michael Bevan wants to extend Trent's village hall to create a 775 sq ft volunteer-run shop for locals on the land surrounding it.

However, a group of residents are campaigning against the store plans which they claim are "inconsiderate, unviable and unwanted."

Campaigner and former village hall chairman Michael Clayton said he was concerned the village would lose its character if the shop build went ahead.

He said: "There seems to be a big hole in the business plan. Over the past 30 years there have been four people who have tried, and failed to run a shop in the village. My fear is that after the initial burst of enthusiasm, people will grow disinterested and the shop will fail."

However store supporters say it would be a much needed addition to village life. Young people were particularly keen, added Bevan.

"When you are at work all day, you don't want to get home and get in the car to get what you need. The shop needn't fail if it sells things people want to buy."