The Co-operative Group has hit the halfway mark in its drive to cut energy bills by 25%. Two years into its six-year Energy Efficiency programme it has announced a 12.5% saving on their total electricity consumption. The Co-op hopes to achieve the target mark by 2012.

This 12.5% reduction represents a saving of over £6 million over the past two years.

The energy saving has been attributed to the recent re-branding campaign undertaken by the Co-operative that also involved re-fitting all of the Group’s outlets with energy saving measures such as controlled lighting and retrofitted refrigerators that maximise efficiency.

Nigel Holden, head of energy and environment at The Co-operative Group, was pleased with the results so far and believes that the 25% reduction by 2012 target will be met.

“We’re ahead of where we expected to be, but now we’re concentrating on the second half of our target. In addition to technical measures, we have a well-established ‘good housekeeping’ system embedded throughout the business, including energy champions at store and regional levels to ensure energy isn’t being wasted by doing simple things like turning off lights and pulling the blinds down on refrigerators.

“With all our businesses working together and heading in the same direction, I am confident that we will reach our target and continue to drive our energy consumption down.”