PayPoint has formed a new partnership with the Argos Christmas Club, which will provide a secure way for customers to save for the festive period.
Retailers will be able to earn an 1% uncapped commission on the value of saving payments made for the scheme through PayPoint terminals. Customers can pick up card registration leaflets from 100 Argos stores across Greater Manchester, the North West and North East of England.
A savings payment of £5 or more earns the customer a one-off £1 bonus, with an extra £1 bonus made for payments of £25 or more. If £250 has been saved by the end of October, £5 will be added to the balance.
PayPoint’s retail director Mike Igoe said: “PayPoint is delighted to be an exclusive partner with the Argos Christmas Club and part of a scheme that offers consumers a trustworthy option for Christmas saving. It’s a much-needed service that should drive footfall.”