A ground-breaking form of energy-saving chiller technology is contributing to a 31% decline in monthly electricity consumption at a Devon c-store.

Premier retailer Dan Cock, of Whitstone stores in Holsworthy, had eight metres of ‘ChillScoops’ retrofitted onto his chillers last month, along with a raft of other energy-saving measures, costing a total of £8,392. He’s already saving £224 month on month and expects to have achieved payback in just over two years.

The ChillScoop creates a vortex which catches up to 90% of chillers’ cold air before directing it back into the refrigerated airflow, leading to a substantial cut in energy consumption. Dan said other benefits of ChillScoop, installed by Enviroglow, included a more comfortable store temperature and a lighter workload for the chillers.

The store was also fitted with 28 LED panels and 20 energy efficient tubes. Passive infra-red sensors were fitted to the interior lighting, and timers to its drinks chillers and coffee machines.

Dan said: “Retailers can only do so much to boost margins, meaning that we need to be looking at how we can cut overheads, and energy efficiency is clearly the way to go about it.”