A.F. Blakemore has extended its charitable trust scheme to include independent Spar retailers.

The Blakemore Foundation, which provides a £150 match fund donation to local good causes, is open to all retailers across the Meridian & Welsh Guild.

Community affairs officer Kate Senter said the extension helped retailers reach out to their communities. “The scheme demonstrates A.F. Blakemore’s on-going commitment to adding value to our trade partners and also making a positive impact in the communities we serve,” she said.

“The Spar estate that we serve represents hundreds of true community stores that play a vital role within their neighbourhoods. This scheme has been set up to recognise and reward the great community retailers that we have across the Meridian & Welsh Guild and encourage more stores to engage with local good causes.”

Four independent Spar retailers have already benefitted from the scheme’s extension. Jag Aytain of Linton Post Office held a community day to help raise funds for new sports equipment for the local school; Dyfed Thomas in Llandysul raised money for the 1st Llandysul Scoutgroup; Charlotte Fuller of Spar Rochester supported the Oliver Fisher Special Baby CareTrust; and Andrew Nardone of Ettington raised donations for the nearby pre-school.