MPs return to Westminster in October and among the first items on their agenda will be the Health Bill, which includes the proposal to remove tobacco products from display in stores.

The cost of adapting gantries or replacing them with other vending methods will fall on retailers, and the case for the effectiveness of such a ban in reducing youth smoking is unproven. And we believe that parliament should not impose extra costs on an entire industry without good reason.

With smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes available at street corners and car boot sales, any measure which discourages adult smokers from buying from legitimate, duty-paying retail outlets should be resisted.

That's why we're asking you, if you haven't already done so, to talk to you MP this week and explain how the ban will affect your business.

You'll find your elected representatives' contact details at

The vote will take place on October 12, so take action now this really is the last chance to make your voice heard.