We've had a string of concerning calls from readers since last issue's Progress on Power article.

The energy providers' tactic of rolling their customers over onto long-term, high-tariff contracts if they miss the cancellation window is still costing retailers thousands of pounds a year, and in some cases, their businesses.

Mr Sidhu from Newcastle rang to say his electricity has gone from 2.9p a unit to 9.8p, and he's now tied into a two-year deal. He doesn't remember seeing a renewal reminder.

And Sunil Amin in North London says his bills will double from next month because he, too, didn't receive (or didn't see) his provider's reminder about renewal.

One desperate retailer asked if he could put his business into a relative's name in order to get out of a crippling energy supply contract which he believes will force his store to close.

We can't condone that, but we can make sure the same thing doesn't happen to others with the return of our Cancellation Day initiative from next month.