A Leicestershire retailer's investment in security has foiled a gang's violent attempt to steal his well-secured in-store ATM.

Every move of the four-man gang's frantic efforts to drive off with Hitesh Patel's cash machine was clearly captured on CCTV after they smashed a stolen Mitsubishi Pajero through the front of his Premier convenience store in Wigston Fields.

The footage of the raid, which occurred soon after Hitesh left the store at midnight, shows the masked gang making four unsuccessful attempts to drag the cash machine into the street with a chain.

They gave up after three minutes and fled to a waiting getaway vehicle.

Hitesh is now consulting with builders and insurers to assess the damage, which he expects to cost upwards of £3,000.

"When they realised that they weren't going to be able to get the machine out, they left without even taking cigarettes or alcohol," Hitesh said. "They must have been watching me because the ram raid happened just 30 minutes after I left."

A number of devices to secure in-store ATMs are available to retailers, from chain devices to anchor posts and fog machines.