National Lottery retailers are expected to see a surge in sales and footfall with two boosted EuroMillions draws taking place over the next month.

Retail sales are expected to jump 85%, with the first £115m draw taking place on September 15, according to Camelot. Another special draw will follow in October, with a guaranteed 13 UK millionaires.

The September 15 draw is one of the biggest jackpots ever organised by Camelot, owner of the National Lottery.

James Pearson, head of retail at Camelot, said: “Whenever the EuroMillions jackpot gets to £100m or more, we see a huge sales increase – so next week’s special £115m draw is sure to be a big seller. Retailers should make sure they have their Jackpot Event POS sited to make the most of this fantastic event.”

“To keep the sales momentum going, next month, we will make 13 guaranteed UK millionaires on Friday the 13th – a sales opportunity that will definitely not prove unlucky for our retail partners. In addition to the sales commission earned and the footfall generated by selling National Lottery tickets, every ticket and Scratchcard that retailers sell helps contribute to the £30m raised weekly for UK Good Causes.”

Over the summer, Camelot also launched their ALLSTARS programme, which aims to help independent outlets make the most of the National Lottery in their store.

The ongoing programme has seen independent retailers receive over 100,000 point-of-sale items such as pavement signs, floor mats, poster frames and door signs.