A new report from the IGD says Britian’s supermarkets expect to grow their collective non-food sales by 40% over the next five years. That news is in the Daily Telegraph.

Maybe it’s the recession, or maybe we just can’t get enough deep-fried pig-snacks, but Britain remains a nation of fast food addicts, according to the Independent.

Still, we're obviously getting our exercise one way or another; Durex maker SSL is doing okay in the downturn – thanks in part to overseas deal-doing, admittedly. The Financial Times takes note.

The FT also warns that volatility in commodities markets is causing headaches for everyone from the most humble farmer to the most arrogant banker. It’s obviously easier to feel sympathy for some than it is for certain others.

As the prospects increase of a bidding war for Cadbury, Reuters has news that Kraft Foods is set to meet British union officials – presumably in a bid to placate their fears over potential job losses if a takeover were to go through.

As you can read elsewhere on this site, Costcutter has ruled itself out of the bidding for the remaining Threshers outlets, as noted by the Independent.

Also available here, the Telegraph has a fun story about Tesco going to court to recoup thousands of pounds it over-paid for half a dozen bikes.

And a new report says cutting out a spoonful of salt a day from our diets could save four million lives a year (that’s in the west, not just Britain).  The Scotsman has the story.