Only 5% of Brits have ever made a contactless payment, despite the mass rollout of the technology and the growing number of retailers offering it, latest research from Mintel has revealed.

The findings also show that a significant proportion of the population have been issued with a contactless card but have not yet realised it, while many also believe that the cards should only be issued on request. However, among those who have used it, 62% agree that it is more convenient.

Toby Clark, head of UK financial services at Mintel, said: “Consumers are still wary of contactless card payments, and compulsory upgrades risk further undermining consumers’ goodwill towards the banks. There is anecdotal evidence of disgruntled customers closing accounts rather than have to carry a contactless card.”

However, smartphone users appear to be more enthusiastic about the technology. Some 45% of UK internet users say they would be interested if their mobile operator allowed them to use their mobile as a contactless payment device. Men were found to be much more interested in the idea than women.