Store workers and security staff should be on their guard when apprehending female shoplifters in light of a bizarre new trend in which thieves try to frame staff for sexual assault.
Female thieves have been caught placing their DNA on store workers in order to accuse them of sexual attacks. One woman in a Leicester Co-op store even squirted her own breast milk over a store detective before accusing him of attacking her.
A spokesman for Citywatch, Leicester's safer neighbourhood scheme, said: "It started off with people picking their noses until they bled and then accusing security staff of assault. Then, some female shoplifters began touching themselves intimately in an attempt to frame guards for sexual assault. It's all about them trying to turn the tables on staff when they have been caught stealing."
Staff are advised to have a colleague with them when they challenge or detain a suspected shoplifter so that they have sufficient back-up should such an incident occur.