Bestway is upping its investment in the Best-One symbol group with a new cashback programme for retailers, designed to reward loyalty and encourage more disciplined participation within the group.

The My Rewards programme gives members a cash discount on their next order based on a sliding scale: retailers spending more than £15,000 a month will get a rebate of 1.5%, increasing in £5,000 increments up to a spend of £45,000, which delivers 5% back.

Tobacco purchases count towards the rebate tiers, but are excluded for cashback purposes. Goods can be purchased in depots, via the web or through drop-shipment, and rewards are transferred by means of a credit note on retailers’ statements, which have to be used by the end of the following month.

The scheme is available only to the group’s 950 Best-One retailers, who will in turn be expected to adopt certain disciplines: committing to a spend of £250 a month on central delivered fresh, chilled and frozen foods using one of the group’s drop-shipment suppliers for delivered bread and food-to-go purchases having a compliance score of at least 75% for each promotional period stocking a minimum of 30 core own-label lines and agreeing to share epos data with Bestway.

Director of symbol retailing James Hall said: “Best-One has gained £154m-worth of new business in the past year. We’ve moved away from a hub delivery system, taken charge of our fresh and chilled distribution and given the ownership of Best-One to every local depot.

“My Rewards will deliver greater revenue for retailers, but also greater retail discipline for suppliers. It’s about making our retailers the best in the industry.”