Bestway is launching a rebate initiative for the second year running.

The Great Rebate promotion, running from April to September, gives retailers the opportunity to receive a 3% rebate for purchasing best-selling promotional products.

Retailers will also have the chance to win a new Nissan NV200 van every month by participating in the Bestway shopping list. Each purchase will result in an extra 1% rebate and enter them into the prize draw.

The Great Rebate follows Bestway’s Core Connect programme in 2014, responsible for lifting the sales of key brands in independents by more than £50m. During the programme, retailers earned more than £1.5m in the form of rebates.

Bestway marketing manager Salih Sheikh said: “Core Connect was a great success, but The Great Rebate is designed to support retailers more than ever before. The initiative is simple; customers get 3% rebate on the best-selling promotional products.”

Bestway marketing director Dawood Pervez added: “It sounds simple, however there are still thousands of independents out there who are not aware of the best-sellers. The Great Rebate highlights all the top-performers, gives advice on how to best display and signpost each category and incentivises retailers to purchase the products.”