London retailer Amit Patel has urged Bexley Council to hold Asda to account over its jobs pledge after the multiple was granted planning permission to take over half of a local B&Q site in Belvedere last week.

Councillors had originally deferred their decision in February following a campaign by Amit and other local retailers to stop the proposals. But Asda, which has promised to create new jobs at the site, has now been granted approval for the plans.

Amit said: “Asda has promised 300 new jobs, which should go to local people, not any other part of the borough. Staff being relocated from a nearby branch does not constitute a ‘new job’.

“The council must keep a close eye and scrutinise the headcount at the store and hold it to account if staff numbers drop below the 300 level, and if jobs are being filled by people outside of Belvedere.”

Asda will take over half of the B&Q store in South-east London to create a 36,000sq ft supermarket. The plans for the superstore were first announced in July 2011, prompting Amit to create the Belvedere Against Asda Development campaign group.