Shoplifters are rarely a retailer's friend, however one in Thailand did everything he could to help the owner of the convenience store he'd raided to catch him. The thief used the cover of night to break into the store in Uthai Thani province. After loading up with beers he was startled by the sounds of the owner stirring and decided to hide under a bed in the store. However, his ears were obviously better than his eyes as he'd failed to notice that the owner was in the bed he chose to hide under, and the stirring he had heard was the owner moving in his sleep. Convinced that he'd be safe if he stayed put for a while, the thief decided to enjoy himself and cracked open a couple of beers to make the wait more pleasant. Within minutes he was sound asleep and snoring so loudly that he woke up the shopkeeper, who was then able to tiptoe out to call the police.