Appleby Westward is investing £275,000 in cross-category price reductions for its retailers, managing director Mike Boardman announced at the South West Spar distributor’s trade show last week.

Under the pricing support scheme, £100,000 will be invested in top 50-selling soft drinks lines, with retailers receiving a 12-week rebate to bring prices down.

A further £50,000 will go towards price reductions on 440ml beers in four-packs; £65,000 in the top 44 grocery lines with 12-week rebates; £15,000 in the top 30 health & beauty lines; and £20,000 in the reduction of the top 16-selling household lines.

In addition, Appleby will invest £25,000 in 12 core produce lines as part of a ‘12 cubed deal’, with retailers receiving a 12% rebate every 12 weeks.

Boardman (pictured, second right) also outlined plans to recruit 20-plus stores this year. “The Co-op is selling off a number of stores, so there’s a big opportunity there,” he said.

Appleby aims to refit or refresh 20% of its stores this year. Many stores which underwent a refit over the past year have experienced double digit growth, he added. “The multiples would kill for that sort of growth.”