Northern Irish wholesaler and symbol operator J&J Haslett has come up with an innovative method of encouraging healthy eating.
The company is set to launch a new lifestyle book using its latest marketing
tool, 'the Maceys'.
The Maceys are an animated family which Haslett developed last year to use in promotional activity. Delivered business director Tom Uprichard said that the book was designed as an educational tool to highlight the benefits of healthy eating and fun while exercising.
The company is in talks with the Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland and the Food Standards Agency to discuss funding and distribution of the book. This process is expected to be finalised by early next month.
It is hoped the book will be published by the end of September, at which time Haslett will introduce new imagery for its stores. According to Uprichard, this will include new checkouts, window graphics, aisle ends, signage and staff uniforms.
Haslett will also be introducing one of its biggest consumer promotions in September. 'Scratch and Match' is a scratchcard promotion which will run for six weeks with 200,000 prizes on offer, ranging from a Volkswagen car and holidays to TVs and groceries.
The company is investing £300,000 in the promotion, which will be supported by TV and outdoor advertising.