Andrew Don

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    It's easy pickings


    Pitiful penalties for shoplifters are driving c-store operators to despair.

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    Super dupers


    Convenience store staff are sitting ducks for swindlers waiting to trick them into parting with cash. Andrew Don reports

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    Come hell or high water


    Avian flu, terrorism, flooding or power cut – could you carry on running your business if a disaster struck? Andrew Don reports on contingency planning in uncertain times

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    Buddy Marvellous


    A tide of neighbourliness is sweeping across the UK’s convenience store trade, as Andrew Don finds out.

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    Foreign Policy


    Opening a store overseas may sound very tempting but can be fraught with danger. If you’re still keen there are some basic rules to heed.

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    Costcutter looks to new markets


    Costcutter is looking to expand its franchising empire further into Europe and into the Far East.

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    Fit for the road ahead


    You wouldn’t run your car without an annual service or MoT so why

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    Humane Resource


    Most of us prefer to avoid the subject of death but it helps if bereaved employees receive sensitive nurturing when they return to work.