Discounters Aldi and Lidl now account for more than 12% of UK grocery sales for the first time, according to new Nielsen data.

During the 12 weeks ending 25 February 2017, Aldi’s sales grew 12.0% year-on-year to 7.4% of market share, while Lidl’s grew 9.1% to 4.8% - taking their combined share to 12.3%.

Among the big four Morrisons and Tesco recorded sales increases of 1.9% and 0.8% respectively during the 12-week period, while sales declined at Asda (-0.9%) and Sainsbury’s (-0.3%).

Commenting on the success of Aldi and Lidl, Nielsen’s UK head of retailer and business insight, Mike Watkins, said: “Whilst the retail landscape is very different to 25 years ago when Aldi entered the UK, discounter market share is higher than when Kwik Save was at its pomp as the original discounter.

“The difference today is that Aldi and Lidl aren’t solely associated with low-priced brands, having been very astute at promoting the quality and price of their private-label range to appeal to a wider array of shoppers.

“Aldi and Lidl’s momentum continues due to new stores opening and the average shopper spending more – testament to the wider and higher quality of products available.”