Litmus Wines has launched Ginking (rrp £12.99), a new drink concept that mixes the aromatics of gin with the zesty nature of English wine and refreshing spring water.

Targeting both millennial generation partygoers and traditional yet adventurous gin drinkers, Ginking is a light and refreshing low alcohol (8.5%) pre-mixed sparkling beverage, best served in a flute with a twist of orange peel.

John Worontschak, founder and director of Litmus Wines, said: “I was sitting in the garden one evening with my wife who was struggling to choose between a G&T and a glass of English fizz. She challenged me as to why you couldn’t have both – and the idea was born. We’ve been on a long journey since then, experimenting with different botanicals and proportions of gin, spring water and sparkling wine. Now we’re very happy with the final result, which is based on pink pepper, star anise, juniper and cardamom and, of course, grapes. Initial feedback from consumers has also been incredible.”

Ginking’s packaging has been designed to emulate traditional British Victoriana-style gin cues, with pictures of the botanicals on the back label, in a 75cl sparkling wine bottle topped with cork and metal cage. The history of the brand is also highlighted in a fun, tongue-in-cheek story on the back label.Ginking is available from Litmus Wines.