The Bees Knees is a 0% sparkling alternative looks like a champagne bottle making it appropriate for shoppers looking for something interesting to take to a party which is non alcohol.

Bees Knees (rrp £3.99) has a hint of green tea to add the depth, tannin and body which are expected from a regular sparkling wine. 

With just 35 calories per serve, less than half the calories in a glass of sparkling wine (Drink Aware October 2016) it is a good alternative for those looking to celebrate without worrying about their waistline, or driving home.

The low and no alcohol sector is growing fast with one in five UK consumers completely abstaining from alcohol, millennials looking to keep their health in tip top condition and almost a million UK women pregnant every year (ONS 2014).

Brand development director, Joy Edmondson, of North South Wines, said: “consumers are crying out for a grown up zero alcohol alternative without the sugary overload you get from many soft drinks. Our consumer research taught us that women in particular are looking for a drier style that can be subbed in for alcoholic Sparkling when you are driving, cutting back on calories or expecting. Dry January is just around the corner and with 2 million participants last year momentum is building fast behind the low and no alcohol category, which is an opportunity for all of our customers.”