An award-winning Italian artisan beer duo is being rolled-out across the UK.

Speciality beer importer World Beers Ltd has agreed the exclusive rights to distribute the range from the Birradamare artisan brewery.

The brewery’s craft lager has already secured a listing in Prezzo restaurants and the beers are now being made available to the off-trade.

The initial duo to come to the UK are Na Biretta Chiara (4.9% abv) and Dammenipa (5% abv).

Na Biretta Chiara, the craft beer of choice in Prezzo, offers a full taste, subtle hop aromas and bitterness, plus a crisp, clean taste.

Dammenipa is an Italian pale ale brewed in reverence to the English IPA. It is more session-able but still offers a feisty, floral and fruit-filled nose and a positive tenor of bitterness, balanced flawlessly by malted tones.

The beers are available in 33cl bottles and come in cases of 12.

World Beers Ltd managing director Peter Karsten, said: “The artisanal brewing going on in Italy is incredible at present and for me Birradamare are top of the pile. Simply put these beers are Italian masterpieces. Beautifully packaged, brewed with the finest, often home-grown ingredients, plus plenty of time, skill, patience and a lot of creativity – these beers really are the complete package.

”It’s been a great start for the brand after becoming Prezzo’s craft beer of choice and we are excited to be making these beers available to the Off-trade ahead of a big 2016.”

For more information contact World Beers Ltd on 01279 600044 or email