Gorgeous Brewery, a new, independent, family run artisan brewery, based in Highgate, has launched a new range of eight expertly crafted beers.

Meeting increasing demand for craft beer from small batch breweries, the Gorgeous Brewery range includes a selection of thirst quenching, light bodied pale ales, a dark and rich vanilla malt stout and seasonal IPAs. Seven of the beers are vegan and unfiltered.

All of the beers are brewed onsite and bottled and labelled by hand. They have been designed to deliver superior tasting notes.

Founder Rob Laub says: “Having started Gorgeous Brewery with a small two-barrel brewing kit, we are delighted to be in our new five-barrel brewery to launch our own range of eight hand crafted beers. We want to meet the increasing demand for good quality beer from small batch breweries, which are being made available for everyone across the country.

”We have designed the beers to ensure that the range encompasses something for every beer drinker and for every occasion, based on what we would enjoy drinking.”

Gorgeous Brewery’s range consists of eight beers: Glowfly, Gunpower, Geekhunter, Greaseball, Gryocropter, Goofhoof, Greedyguts and Gravedigger.

For further stockist and pricing information, visit: www.gorgeousbrewery.com