Wine suppliers Concha y Toro UK has announced the launch of ‘WineWise’ advice website for Convenience retailers.

The website can be accessed on smartphone at and contains quick hints and tips to help maximise their wine sales. It is a step by step guide covering the key topics for retailers:

  • Why Wine? - Fast facts on the growing importance of the wine category to Convenience shoppers, with 7 in 10 shoppers looking to buy wine as part of a top up shop
  • What to Stock – highlighting best-sellers across the key wine varietals to appeal to shoppers
  • How to Display – outline planograms to offer a range that appeals to your shoppers
  • Maximising Sales – quick tips and ideas from other retailers who are feeling the benefit of the wine category to their sales

The site has been optimised for hand held devices, as research in the project showed the majority of retailers use mobile as their primary source of online information. Concha y Toro UK is launching in a staged roll-out across May 2016 and are working with a group of retailers to ensure content is quick, concise and meets the needs of their business.

Concha y Toro UK customer marketing manager Laurie Billson said: “As wine in the Convenience sector grows, getting your wine range right in store offers huge potential to put more money through the till. Stocking a few key SKUs and displaying them in the right way makes it much easier to sell and add wine to a top-up shop basket.

“Wine is a complicated category and easy to turn-off retailers and shoppers. WineWise ( offers a simple, free solution to covering the basics – stocking category best sellers and block-o-grams – while getting comfortable with fast facts to recommend wines to shoppers.

“At a total level the wine category is worth £5.1bn - or over twice as much as carbonated soft drinks, but rarely gets focus from retailers. With just a few swipes, retailers can learn about wines, read case studies about stores making it work, and start turning those ideas into profit.”

The registration site can be accessed at