Chang Beer, Thai lager, is marking its 21st anniversary by relaunching and replacing its brown bottles, with emerald green.

With sales growth doubling in the UK over the past five years, the redesign has been undertaken to bring the packaging in line with Chang Beer’s premium positioning in international markets. The move comes after the beer has seen growth in the UK wholesale market of around 50% over the last 5 years.

The new bottles have a distinctive shape to create a modern, premium and refreshing drinking experience.

The taller neck and elevated bottle shoulder create stature and a strong, iconic silhouette. The bottle waist has been adjusted for a better grip, and the embossing down the bottle side adds visual and tactile interest.

In addition to the primary colour shift from brown to emerald green, the gold used on the cap and labels has been updated to a fresher, more premium champagne gold.

The Chang Beer cans have also been updated with the new emerald green and gold colour scheme. Secondary packaging has similarly been modernised.

The packaging update is being used as the basis for a global re-launch of the brand. The bottles were first available in Thailand from November 2015, and are being rolled out around the world thereafter. Trade can apply for the new Chang Beer stock by emailing

Updated branding, signage, serve ware and merchandising materials have also been created as part of the new SKU launch. Advertising featuring the new packaging will run alongside the launch to raise consumer and trade awareness.

The new packaging is available now.