Chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw has launched new premium adult Easter eggs and new packaging.

Milk Orange Crisp Egg, Dark Mint Crisp Egg and the Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg  (rrp £10 each) are bringing innovation to the UK’s £340 million Easter confectionery market.

The adult Easter egg market was the only sector in growth this year and was up by 5.5% in value, reaching £108 million.

The Elizabeth Shaw crisp eggs create a strong shelf presence, though the unique lantern shaped box, with attractive gold filigree pattern, die cut windows and real ribbon handles.

The new Milk Orange Crisp Egg includes a crunchy milk chocolate shell egg with orange flavour and honeycomb crisp pieces, as well as a selection of 12 milk chocolate orange crisps.

The new Dark Mint Crisp Egg includes a deliciously crunchy dark chocolate shell egg with mint flavour and honeycomb crisp pieces, as well as a selection of 12 dark mint crisp chocolates.

The Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg includes a rich dark chocolate hollow egg and a selection of eight finest liqueur chocolates from popular whisky brands including; Grant’s Family Reserve, Grant’s Sherry Cask, Teacher’s Blended Scotch and Drambuie Whisky Liqueur. The product has been designed to reflect the nature of the product, with a unique barrel shaped box.

Elizabeth Shaw marketing manager Hayley Coggins said: “We are very excited to unveil the new packaging for the Easter egg range. We feel the new contemporary designs will have a strong shelf presence and appeal to a wide demographic. With the addition of flavour and honeycomb pieces to the Orange Crisp Egg and Mint Crisp Egg, we continue to bring consumers the core properties that we are known for and consumers love and enjoy”.