Police are to be invested with new powers to crack down on underage drinkers in a bid to tackle alcohol misuse on Britain's streets.
The government's Youth Alcohol Action Plan includes a number of new laws, including making it an offence for under 18s to be repeatedly caught drinking in public areas.
Officers will also have their powers to confiscate alcohol, disperse gangs and escort offenders to their homes or police stations extended.
Parents are also to be targeted under the plan, and police are being encouraged to impose anti-social behaviour and parenting orders on families whose children are repeatedly found drinking.
Irresponsible parents could even be ordered to attend parenting classes, and ultimately be prosecuted, while teenage drinkers could be required to attend sessions with trained advisors. Parents and schools will also be supplied with targeted information.
The Association of Convenience Stores welcomed the plan. Chief executive James Lowman said: "The government's broadening of focus to also look at education and enforcement against those who perpetrate alcohol-related disorder and anti-social behaviour is exactly what we have been calling for.
"Our sector is keen to play its part and we will continue to work with the government to tackle the issues."