The Association of Convenience Stores has opposed proposals for template licensing conditions which it says could place blanket conditions on retailers.

In responses to the Institute of Licensing (IoL) consultation on template licensing conditions, the ACS said it was essential that licensing conditions remained determined locally to ensure a “properly functioning licensing system”.

It said it was particularly concerned that IoL’s proposed guidance would offer a ‘shopping list’ of conditions to licensing officers and, as such, would place blanket conditions on retailers that are not practical, proportionate or evidence based.

A condition to implement high-strength schemes is also included in the consultation. The ACS said the licensing system was “not the appropriate mechanism” to implement such schemes, which should be reviewed on a case by case basis.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Effective licencing conditions must be based on local evidence and tailored to each premise.

“Template licensing condition, as proposed in the consultation, is likely to result in blanket conditions that are not relevant to individual local shops – we urge the Institute of Licensing to reconsider publishing this guidance.”