Convenience stores across the UK are being asked to complete an online survey on the impact of the national minimum wage and other employment costs.

The Association of Convenience Stores is encouraging retailers to spend a few minutes completing an online survey that probes the effects of an increase in the national minimum wage and the likely impact this will have on job creation, staff hours and business investment.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Employment costs are the biggest outgoing for convenience store retailers and we want to ensure that we can provide the Low Pay Commission with robust evidence on the impact of the national minimum wage on local shops and their employment habits.

“The Commission took a positive step when they recommended a freeze in the youth and development rates earlier this year, but the adult rate still increased by 11p in October 2012 to £6.19. I urge retailers to take the time to communicate the impact national minimum wage has on their business through our survey.”

The deadline for responses to the National Minimum Wage Survey is Friday 10th August 2012. ACS will present its findings to the Low Pay Commission ahead of their recommendations in the autumn and will be working with the Commission during their store visit schedule throughout the year.

The survey is available to complete online here

Alternatively, retailers can contact Edward Woodall with their responses or views by emailing