An East London retailer has handed his entire stock of 300 lock knives to police in a stand against knife crime.
Nadeem Nasir, who owns Bits and Bobs convenience store in East Ham, was deeply concerned about the issue and the fact that 18 young people had already died violently in London this year.
Nadeem said: "My wife and I took the decision to stop selling knives because we want to take a stand against knife crime and help save lives. If there are fewer knives on our streets, there is less chance a person will be killed or injured.
"We hope that by handing over these knives we are assisting police and I urge other shopkeepers to do the same."
The entire stock of lock knives was taken away by officers to be disposed of safely.
Chief inspector Gary Brown, who is responsible for community and crime reduction at Newham Police, said: "Nadeem has acted in a very responsible manner and I would urge other shopkeepers to do the same. With the help of Nadeem, the assistance of the local authority and other agencies, we are working hard to ensure people feel safer on the streets."