Almost 60% of branded spirits are sold at a promoted price across off trade, according to the latest market report by William Grant & Sons UK - formerly known as First Drinks.

The report highlighted the growth of premium spirits, which are up 6.4% in value compared to 4.5% for non-premium spirits, but overall spirits growth is up just 1.3% in convenience.

However, with convenience spirits shoppers visiting c-stores 4.6 times a week and spending £14.80 per trip, compared to the average of £6.13 and 3.6 trips, the report identified significant potential to capitalise on the category.

Vodka accounts for 45.8% of spirits sales in convenience, up 5.5% in value, while malt whisky and non-cream liqueurs are seeing strong value growth, up 12.9% and 10.1% respectively.

Gary Keogh, marketing director of William Grant & Sons UK, said:  “The market is more polarised than ever and it is premium brands which can really take advantage of this trend.

“Value can mean many things from functional benefits to packaging and personality, with brands such as Sailor Jerry and Hendrick’s really embracing and benefitting from the latter.”

William Grant & Sons UK announced its new identity at a press event this week.