Retailer Training Centre 2

National Lottery operator Allwyn has announced that over 7,000 independent retail partners have signed up to its new Retail Training Centre, with “more stores joining everyday”.

The digitally-led retailer training platform launched last month and is designed to “support independent store owners and their staff to be responsible National Lottery retailers with ‘always on’ digital training that’s available to them whenever suits them best – making it easier to regularly train staff in store,” said the company.

In just one day alone in February, Allwyn reported that almost 1,000 National Lottery retailers signed up to start using the all-new online platform.

The site includes key information about how to sell games responsibly and features engaging training modules on ‘Preventing Underage Play’ and ‘Minimising Excessive Play’.

Available on mobile or desktop, the platform operates with a one user profile and login per store, limiting the use of personal data for the login process.

The company said this approach allows it to see whether a store has completed the necessary training to ensure they’re compliant with important areas such as ‘Underage Play’.

Moreover, the training is now mandatory for new National Lottery retailers during the onboarding process and prior to equipment installation.

The move aims to ensure new retailers understand the obligations of being a responsible retailer before they even begin selling National Lottery products.

The platform hopes to provide fast and convenient training to all partners, with the ability to issue network-wide or to individual stores as needed.

Retailer Mohammed Rajak of Buywell Day Today in Glasgow said the new platform has allowed him to download useful information and print it out for staff training: “We can either access the Retail Training Centre on my mobile, or use the printouts – which makes it easier. The modules are accessible within a couple of clicks which is useful for referring back to. I feel proud knowing my staff have done the training and we now have a certificate to prove it.”

Alex Green Allwyn’s director of channel operations said: “We’re delighted with the initial uptake of our new digital training platform, with thousands of retailers having already signed up to complete the training and increase their knowledge of how to sell The National Lottery responsibly. As well as a newly embedded process in place to get new retailers signed up and using the platform even before they start trading, our digital-first approach will make distributing National Lottery training simpler and more effective. We’ll be able to issue new training immediately, keeping retailers completely up to date with the latest guidance and modules. We’d encourage all independent National Lottery retailers who haven’t already done so to sign up and start benefiting from our fantastic new platform.”