Ruben Harris - MADL donation

Nisa retailer Sijia He-Xinyang Yu owner of Stelling Minnis Stores, Canterbury, recently donated £1,000 to the Canterbury wheelchair tennis team through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity in collaboration with Galaxy Ripple, as part of their ‘Stronger Together’ initiative.

The donation directly supported Great Britain’s Ruben Harris from Canterbury Tennis Club who currently sits at number six in the wheelchair junior singles rankings.

Ruben Harris MADL

Recently crowned French Open boys’ wheelchair doubles champion Ruben Harris admits he is grateful for the support provided by Sijia, MADL and Galaxy Ripple, following his latest triumph.

“The costs of being a tennis player on the world stage are tough so all the support really does go a long way. I wouldn’t have been able to win titles like I did at the French Open without this support, so thank you,” Harris said.

The support from the MADL partnership has paid off this summer for the 17-year-old as he partnered Austria’s Maximilian Taucher to clinch the inaugural French Open boys’ wheelchair doubles title.

Sijia explained that he is delighted to see how this funding has helped the team, and particularly Ruben, giving him the opportunity to thrive and be victorious in France: “Nisa and MADL are committed to supporting our communities, and this donation is a fantastic example of how we can make a real impact on the lives of local athlete

In 2023, MADL launched their ‘Stronger Together’ collaboration with Galaxy Ripple.

Galaxy Ripple made a £15,000 donation to Nisa’s charity to support young people to thrive, between the ages of 16-25.

There were 15 x £1,000 donations available as part of the campaign, but with 20 eligible good causes entered, all were felt to be very worthy winners so MADL took the decision to provide an extra £5,000 in funding so no one would miss out.

Kate Carroll Nisa’s head of charity commented on the donation: “It is fabulous to see that our partnership with Galaxy Ripple has had such a positive impact not only locally this time but also on an international stage such as Ruben’s win at the French Open. We strive to support young people get the most out of their ability, so I’m delighted Sijia came forward and supported Canterbury Tennis Club in this initiative.”

A spokesperson for Galaxy said: “Galaxy is all about creating a world where chocolate does as good as it tastes. This is about a lot more than creating delicious Galaxy chocolate.

“It’s about the commitment to meaningfully improving lives in cocoa growing communities and by partnering with Nisa, Galaxy can also help support communities closer to home and make a difference locally.”

Canterbury Tennis Club is the most popular and highly appreciated tennis club in the community and is very popular with young people in our village. Canterbury tennis club encourages young people, not only toward tennis but also with their personal ambitions. Particularly after the COVID lockdown, they work closely with parents to support young people’s mental well-being.