A convenience store in Bedfordshire is racking up double digit sales growth, across almost every category, following a refit and remerchandise at the start of this year.

The 2,500 sq ft Nisa store in Houghton Regis, which was acquired by Lenus Trading in 2014, was converted to the latest Store of the Future Evolution fascia in October.

The entire store, which was also fitted out with new LED lighting, was then remerchandised in January with more space given to growing categories such as food to go, ethnic products and chilled ready meals.

Food to go has been one of the biggest wins, with sales up 45% year on year following the offer’s relocation to front of the store and the addition of new upright equipment. Hot food sales in particular are up 55% and hot drinks up 36%.

Ethnic foods, and in particular Polish products, are up 49% year on year, home baking is up 13%, cheese is up 18%, ready meals are up 17% and toiletries are up 17%.

Ian Bacon, trading manager of Lenus Trading, said: “Sales on the grocery sub departments are most certainly up due to their new locations. They have greater space than before and better visibility.

“We have also introduced additional Co-op products since the moves and we’re introducing some new bread lines for the bakery table at the front of the store which is helping to drive more customers into the chilled department, and we are hoping that sales grow further in this area in 2019.”

Lenus Trading acquired the Houghton Regis store along with two others from brothers Kishor and Pat Patel in 2014.