KeyStore Rothes - Rothes Nursery (1)

KeyStore is once again spreading Christmas cheer at children’s nurseries through its annual chocolate selection box campaign.

So far this year, stores have handed out more than 5,000 festive selection boxes to over 70 nurseries and schools, from the Isle of Lewis and Elgin down to Doncaster – more than double the number from when the campaign launched ahead of Christmas 2021.

The initiative sparked from KeyStore retailer Chris Watson of KeyStore Corseford in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, when he wanted to support his local nursery after discovering that they often receive less funding compared to primary and secondary schools.

This Christmas, the campaign has extended its reach to include donations to special needs schools, thanks to Garry Haigh, the owner of KeyStore More Peterhead, who suggested the idea.

Craig Brown chief sales and marketing officer at wholesaler JW Filshill said: “Our retailers love this Christmas campaign and are always keen to support nurseries in their community – everyone loves seeing little faces with big smiles in the run-up to this most special time of year.

“It’s great that more KeyStore retailers than ever before have got on board with this year’s selection box campaign and it’s another way for stores to engage with their customers and local community as they build long-term customer loyalty and reap the rewards in terms of additional sales and footfall.”

The selection box campaign is run as part of the KeyStore Community Fund, which exists to support retailers who wish to develop their involvement with local charities, groups and organisations by making donations to causes that mean a lot to their customers and communities.

Brown said the KeyStore Community Fund has enabled retailers to give thousands of pounds to local groups and charities, and helped solidify their position as local community figureheads with their stores at the hearts of their neighbourhoods.

“We want to recruit retailers who understand the importance of community involvement and will support them to do that,” he added.