Convenience stores and supermarkets have continued to grow their share of the out-of-home eating market, according to new research from MCA Insights.

Compared with data from last year, c-stores and supermarkets have increased their share of the breakfast occasion from 5.0% to 6.0%, with their share of lunch visits growing from 9.5% to 10.6%.

The research was conducted using MCA’s Eating Out Panel, which consists of 6,000 consumer interviews every month. The insight, covering Q3 2018, look at the overall foodservice sector and how individual brands are performing, as well as consumer trends.

C-stores and supermarkets continue to command the largest share of the snacking occassion, but their share of the sector has fallen in the last year, from 25.9% to 23.0%.

MCA Insight data analyst Greta Glaveckaite, said: “Year-on-year more consumers are demanding fast service at breakfast and a high proportion want a convenient location and good value at lunch. Supermarkets and convenience stores are in a fantastic position to satisfy all of these demands and continue to put pressure on foodservice operators.

“The main watch out for c-stores and supermarkets is in the snacking mission. They continue to command the largest market share, but this has been eroded by the growth of coffee shops. With less consumers concerned with fast service and a convenient location, and more demanding greater food quality, there is a threat to supermarkets and c-stores that this trend will continue.”

For more information and to find out how to access the MCA Eating Out Panel Insight, contact MCA using its website.