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Cash and carry wholesaler Dhamecha Group is extending its operations into the North West of England with a new purpose-built 13th depot set to open in Merseyside, Liverpool, before the end of the year.

The move follows the Unitas member’s successful expansion northwards from its London roots, with turnover topping £1.2bn in 2023.

The Dhamecha Group has hinted that its expansion plans, which has seen it open four depots in the Midlands in recent years, “will not be stopping here”.

The brand new 80,000sq ft facility in Merseyside will introduce hundreds of new retailers to Dhamecha’s ‘customer first’ cash and carry business model which combines “competitive pricing with excellent stock availability and customer service, backed up by the UK’s largest buying group,” said the wholesaler.

Pradip K Dhamecha chief executive Dhamecha Group said: “Retailers in the Midlands area have really taken to our no-nonsense customer-first approach to traditional cash and carry where every decision is made with them in mind. In Liverpool, we are building a shopping environment that will be a pleasure to visit and we look forward to opening our doors to new customers in time for the important Christmas trading period.”

Unitas Wholesale managing director John Kinney added: “As the largest member of the UK’s largest buying group, the Dhamecha success story just goes from strength to strength. Everything they do comes from a deep understanding of their customers’ needs.

“A huge proportion of independent retailers still want to visit a cash and carry to get the best prices with excellent product availability together with the best margins and to see and select new products, all with great customer service, and Dhamecha is arguably the best in the UK at providing this.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Dhamecha and we wish them well as they prepare to launch what I am sure will be another successful depot.”