Electronic cigarette (e-cig) brand blu has launched a new multi-million pound brand and marketing campaign in advance of new EU advertising restrictions.

The “Just You & blucampaign will span across television, print ads, bus stops and billboards, as well as digital content.

Launching in the UK, US, France and Italy, the campaign will run for six weeks up until new European Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD) advertising restrictions come into effect in May.

The new promotion consists of 90, 60 and 30 sec films in addition to timeless black and white imagery.

The first phase of the campaign focuses on different individuals – a motorcyclist, a comedian, a drag queen, a model and a pilot – each with their own story to tell and with their own connection to the blu brand.

In addition 50 P&H blu branded lorries will hit UK roads from 18 April.

John Wardley, chief marketing officer of Imperial Tobacco owned Fontem Ventures, said: “blu is the most iconic brand in the electronic vaping category.

“This campaign will serve to solidify and grow the leadership position blu enjoys in the UK, while introducing the brand to new consumers in our two launch markets, Italy and France”.

“The campaign captures the moment of satisfaction that blu gives to our consumers, in a compelling and thoughtful way.

“We have intentionally avoided the clichés that have historically defined marketing in this category – it’s not about battery life, or flavour ranges, or gadgetry, it’s about real people enjoying a real moment with blu.”

“We have thought about our campaign to ensure we have a broad reach of our 25-49 adult smoker audience.

“We will be using large premium digital formats that will deliver impact and scale in key sites in Birmingham, Manchester and London. Our campaign will further be amplified to extend our reach with six sheets and petrol forecourt screens, a wrap on the Evening Standard and using select magazines to enable us to build reach in a premium environment.”

The next generation of blu products is now available in the UK – including upgraded performance, added personalization and sleek new packaging.