Tesco is to end multi-buys on large bags of salad and remove ‘Display until’ dates from fresh fruit and veg in a bid to banish food waste.

More than 28,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in Tesco stores and distribution centres in the first six months of this year.

According to Tesco, which has also tracked 25 bestselling products from field to fork to understand where waste occurs, almost 70% of all salad which is used for bagged salads ends up in the bin. More than 30% of this waste occurs in the home.

The retailer is also developing ‘mix-and-match’ promotions for smaller bags of salad in a bid to help customers reduce the amount they are wasting at home.

Following the revelation that just under half of all bakery items are wasted, Tesco is also changing the way it runs its in-store bakeries.

In addition to using smaller cases, 600 bakeries in larger stores have also been rearranged to reduce the amount of bread on display.

And with a fifth of all bananas wasted, Tesco has also introduced a new temperature control system to ensure bananas last longer in transportation. Store staff are also set to receive ‘Love Banana’ training to help them show customers how to make bananas last longer.