A new survey has given more support for retailers wishing to charge for single-use plastic bags. The poll by retail and shopper research team Ipsos MORI revealed that 60% of shoppers would support a charge for plastic bags if introduced. Only 32% opposed the idea of charging, with the remaining 8% undecided on the matter.

According to Ipsos MORI retail & shopper director Susanne Goller, retailers can take advantage of this consumer sentiment to not only save the environment but also reduce their overheads. “Although most retailers are now encouraging shoppers to re-use bags and are discouraging the use of new bags, this research shows that they may be missing out on a cost-cutting opportunity,” said Goller.

She added: “We understand that steps such as these always need to be considered carefully, however some simple shopper research can often provide the answer to questions like these and help retailers make the right choices.”