A c-store in Oldham, Lancashire has become the first in the country to be banned from selling alcohol under new licensing laws.
Staff at the Big Saver store in Hollinwood sold alcohol to children three times during an undercover investigation by trading standards officers (TSOs). Numerous complaints about underage drinking and anti-social behaviour near the store had also been received.
As a result TSOs referred the store owner and licensee, Shoukat Ali, to Oldham council's licensing panel, which revoked his licence indefinitely.
The new licensing laws give councils the power to revoke licences. Two stores in Plymouth have received three- month bans while two shops in Swindon have also had their licences suspended.
The ACS said the actions of the councils hammered home the importance of a strict 'no ID no sale' policy. Public affairs manager James Lowman commented: "It's clear local authorities and police are willing to use their new powers. Retailers need to have a strict 'no ID no sale' strategy that challenges everyone who looks under the age of 21."
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association warned that suspending licences for such long periods of time will have a severe impact on small businesses, possibly forcing them to close.