A Nisa Local store in Leicester has become the first store in the group to adopt Bluetooth technology to help boost sales.

Due to go live next week, the system will allow owners Neil Thakkar and Viresh Popat to make contact with all Bluetooth users within 100m of the store via a text message that automatically flashes up on the user's mobile phone or other device. To take advantage of the offers, customers have to show staff a code included in the message.

Neil told C-Store: "Because supermarket brands are so strong, we need something that will help us stand out. Being able to communicate our offers to people will be a huge help."

The retailers hope to fit a signal booster to the system, extending its range to 250m. "This would mean that when people are outside the local Sainsbury's, they will get messages enticing them into our shop," explained Neil.

Bluetooth will also enable the store to become more innovative with its marketing, he added. "This will gives us the flexibility to promote bespoke offers as well as the normal leaflet."