Retailers are being invited to attend a series of seminars jointly organised by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) and the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) to help improve the way test purchases are carried out and find more effective approaches to controlling age-restricted products.

The seminars, to run in March, have been developed in response to an LBRO report published last year which highlighted the challenges that retailers face when policing underage sales.

The report stressed the need for a more collaborative approach to solving problems associated with underage sales prevention. Geoff Budd, chairman of the LBRO review group, which compiled the report, said: "I hope these seminars will help to break down barriers between enforcers and retailers to the benefit of all stakeholders, not least the local communities served by retailers."

Each seminar will feature speakers offering a range of perspectives. The events will take place in Manchester on March 22, Birmingham on March 23, Cardiff on March 29 and Exeter on March 30. For further information please visit