Disgruntled retailers in Truro, Cornwall have joined forces to ban a hardcore of street drinkers from buying alcohol from their stores.

The newly-formed partnership, which consists of 17 off-licence premises, has drawn up a list of persistent drunks who have subjected staff to physical and verbal abuse. Local police have backed the partnership and issued letters to offenders notifying them of the ban. Each store will be issued with a folder containing the details and photographs of the 25 most troublesome street drinkers in the city.

Association of Convenience Stores public affairs manager James Lowman said: “This is an excellent example of good practice that we will be sharing with our members. It is impossible for retailers to solve these problems as individuals, as people can simply go next-door and attempt to get served. The partnership scheme should break the cycle of abuse, with those listed unable to buy alcohol.

“The long-term problem of street drinking will be solved by a total ban, but in the meantime we need this sort of scheme to get up and running across the country. It is a classic example of partnerships delivering real benefits.”