MPs have clashed with businesses over the issues they feel will have the greatest impact in the next five to 10 years.
While companies rate UK government and EU regulation as the most important issue, MPs and peers are least concerned with issues of regulation and most concerned about the environment.
The views have been revealed in research by the Industry and Parliamentary Trust (IPT), which exists to foster better understanding between business and parliament. Just 33% of MPs and peers said they believed UK government regulation was one of the most important issues for businesses. Some 71% of businesses, however, said this was the most important issue.
Businesses questioned were most keen for MPs to understand how regulation affects business, with 86% rating this as 'very important'.
Some 22% believe this should be the main area in which MPs must have a greater understanding.
Trade associations including The British Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) expressed concern at the lack of importance MPs placed on the issue.
ACS public affairs manager Shane Brennan said: "Politicians often talk about the need to reduce the burden of red tape, but polls like this suggest that this is just empty rhetoric. MPs need to be held to account to reduce the red tape burden."