Having sold five million packs since its launch last year, Wrigley is adding another flavour to its 46-pellet bottle range.

Extra White bubblemint joins existing variants Airwaves menthol & eucalyptus, Extra Ice peppermint, Extra White.  

Sue Cobbledick, Wrigley’s oral care marketing manager, said: “Bringing bottle and bubblemint together was an easy decision. Extra White bubblemint has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and after just one year in the market, the new 46-pellet bottle is also performing phenomenally well.

“The trend for snacking at work and eating and drinking on the road has been the key to bottle’s success,” she added. “Consumers are looking for a convenient way to keep their teeth clean and healthy after eating and drinking, when brushing isn’t possible. Our 46 pellet bottle meets this exact need – it’s ideal for desk or car and is a great oral care solution for those who graze frequently throughout the day.”

Extra White bubblemint stick packs were launched in April 2013 and have already achieved value sales of over £10m, helping drive the Extra White sub-brand into 90.2% growth YTD.