Wonderful Brands, producer of Wonderful Almonds and Wonderful Pistachios, has introduced new 115g pack sizes to its nut range.

The launch coincides with a brand new metalised packaging type. This, partnered with the new pack sizes, offers retailers an additional SKU to appeal to impulse buyers.

Wonderful Pistachios are available in four flavours: Sweet Chili, Roasted Salted, Salt and Pepper and Roasted Unsalted, rrp £2.00 per 115g pack. Wonderful Almonds are available in three flavours, Salted, Natural and Salt and Pepper, in 115g pack sizes with an rrp of £2.39.

Philip Vandeale, European brand manager for Wonderful Pistachios and Wonder Almonds, said: “Our new convenient packs sizes, accessible price point, premium packaging and inspiring marketing ethos, ensures Wonderful Brands is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a diverse and ever-changing consumer demographic.”