Sid Sidhu, of Sukhi’s Simply Fresh, in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, says Gordon’s Pink Gin is a red hot line.

”Pink gin has been doing well the last two to three months. We’ve had Gordon’s Pink Gin since it launched and it was massive - there was a huge demand for it straight away. Whether it’s just the pink colour or the actual taste of it I don’t know but people love it.”

Sid is also starting to sell Christmas lines.

“It’s that seasonal time of year when people are starting to buy for Christmas. We put up our Christmas decoration on Monday as soon as we’d taken down our Halloween and Bonfire decorations.

”We had 400 cases of Christmas products come in this week so now we’re busy merchandising those.

“Food-to-go is also doing particularly well, especially the morning breakfast offer. Because we’ve recently had a marked change in weather and the temperture has fallen significantly, people are coming in for their hot coffee-to-go and being easily swayed when they see the hot sausage rolls and cheese and bacon slices.

”Last weekend we re-started our roast chickens which we trialled last winter. We have some people order them and some come in on the day and we sold 24 of them last Sunday, at £5 each.

“Alongside that, they then buy their vegetables to make a full Sunday roast. They’re also a great thing to do because they make the store smell amazing which changes the feeling of the store and makes people feel happier to browse for a bit longer.

“I have considered doing ready made vegetables aswell but that starts to get complicated as people like certain veg done in certain ways.”