Welly, a new range of cooked meats, is revealing a new range which claims to offer quality, traceability and personality.

In a sector notorious for own label, Welly aims to bring loyalty to the category by offering tasty and affordable British food. Consumers will now be able to purchase all their favourite cooked meats, from one trusted brand.

Launching through Nisa, the range will consist of four ham and one cooked chicken, with all the meat sourced from British farmers known and trusted by the brand.

The brand says its pork comes from one single producer, from a farm that cares about its pigs and is constantly looking for ways to actively reduce its environmental impact.

The chicken is sourced from Freedom Foods British Farms, now RSPCA assured. Welly insists that the British chicken it uses comes from hens that are deemed no longer commercially viable to produce eggs to the highest quality, helping the farmer’s manager their flock.

Welly is owned by Cranswick PLC which was started by a group of farmers in the 1970’s and has grown to become one of the largest food producers in the UK.

Being owned by such a strong British company, Welly says it understands the sector from both a retailer and a consumer perspective.

The brand’s marketing controller Richard Morris said: “At Welly we really believe quality comes first, we are proud of the products we make, but we also believe great tasting British food should not cost the earth. We are delighted to be able to offer consumers a quality product with clear traceability, we work closely with our farmers to ensure the highest level of animal welfare and look at ways the farms can increase their future sustainability. In a staid market we hope to offer consumers loyalty by offering fun and affordable great tasting British cooked meats.”

The range and prices include:

Honey Roast Ham, 115g, 9 slices, rrp £1.19

Cooked Ham, 115g, 9 slices, rrp £1.19

Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham, 300g, rrp £2.00

Wafer Thin Roast Chicken, 300g, rrp £2.00

Lean Breaded Ham, 300g, 13 slices, rrp £3.00

For more information visit: www.wellyfoods.co.uk